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Our main goal

We desire to help each person enter into the presence of the Lord through worship and teaching. Please join us if you are comfortable. 

If you have any anxiety, feel uncomfortable or are part of the vulnerable population, please know there will be NO judgment if you choose to utilize the online live stream (YouTube) from your own home or even as a small “home church” group. 


We care deeply about our brothers and sisters in Christ and rejoice however you choose to join with us!   
We will keep you informed of any changes as requirements evolve. 

Update 8/15/2021:  Effective August 23, 2021, the State of Washington COVID mandate states that everyone 5 years of age and up must wear a face covering in indoor public spaces

Update 7/27/21:  To reflect operations in Faith Spot 

Cleaning/sanitation will continue on the current cleaning schedule and Faith Spot will still adhere to the recommended disinfecting.

Children in Faith Spot room will be wearing masks.  Also while not required by the CDC our vaccinated adults working in the Faith Spot room will wear masks. 

Update 7/1/21:  Washington State has moved in to Phase 3, stating we can move in to usual capacity and operations.  We welcome you to come as you feel comfortable with your mask or not.  Kids in Faith Spot will be required to wear theirs.

Update 6/2/21:  The current state COVID-19 requirements has the following provision for groups of people to sit together:

- There must be six feet between each group.

- A group may include up to a maximum of 15 individuals.  It is recommended, but not required that each group consist of individuals from no more than two households.

Since we have a number of couples and singles if those that are comfortable doing so could sit in a groups it will help people feel less isolated.


Update 1/20/21:  As we have just around 30 people in service we will be able to have half singing at a time.

Every other family group will sing every other song. This ensure there is 9 feet of distancing.  We will place a card on the seat to let attenders know if they are in group A or group B.  As we have increase attenders we will add a group C.  Also as a control measure to make sure we do not exceed 15 singers at a time the two tech volunteers will not sing, the piano player will not sing, and a Covid Response Team member will not sing.

Update 12/5/20:  No congregational singing at this time due to government requirements.

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